UK Car Consumers

Auto Terminology in the UK

Every industry has its own terminology. The auto industry is no different, and this will vary from country to country. The UK, being a leading manufacturer in the automotive industry, has its own set of wording that can sound quite strange to those outside the country.


Those in many countries will refer to the storage space of the car that is in the back end of the vehicle at the trunk. In the UK when one refers to the boot, this is exactly what they are referring to.


When in the UK, someone is referring to their vehicle, and talks about the bonnet, this may sound like a strange saying. What they are referring to is the hood of the vehicle.


When carrying on a conversation that has to do with vehicles, the word damper comes up. It doesn’t mean that the conversation has switched to the fireplace or another heating system. What it is referring to, is the shock apparatus of the vehicle.

For those that are new to driving in the UK, learning the terminology is part of the experience. It is going to be a must-have, if individuals want to understand what driving on the UK streets means.