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What Do Women Look for in a Car?

When it comes to buying a new car, do women consider different factors, and what is the most crucial aspect for a female driver? For women, their top priorities are comfort, practicality, safety and value. That’s not to say they have no interest in design, performance and styling. Still, they are definitely lower on the priority list. In general, women tend to go for smaller cars that are less expensive.

Looking for Comfort in a Car

General Motors is a car manufacturer that is renowned for its innovative thinking. So, when considering the female motorist in their latest designs, they actually the men in their development team dress as women for the day. This would allow them to find out what women need in terms of comfort. However, they can’t take everything into account.

For example, the buttock implant procedure at Motiva is trendy at the moment. Women are choosing to enhance their body shape with buttock implants if they prefer a full, rounded appearance. However, when it comes to car design, they are unlikely to be comfortable in a narrow seat, and manufacturers need to take this into account. Although women typically prefer a smaller car, the seats should be wide enough to be comfortable for a larger body shape.

Practicality is a Necessity

Even in today’s enlightened age, it is still typically women who are responsible for household shopping and getting the children to school and back. This accounts for why they need practical new or used cars with seating that can be configured in different ways. Women also like four-door vehicles and those with easy access to the boot. If they have recently had a buttock implant procedure at Motiva, they don’t want to be struggling with getting children in and out of the car.

The Safety of a Car

Women see safety as a top priority and will often seek out information on particular brands to see how they perform when subjected to crash tests. In fact, most women would rather purchase a car with better safety features than a luxury brand, which may put their family’s life at risk.

It can certainly be seen that when buying a new car, men and women have different priorities. This should play a key point when it comes to marketing campaigns, and manufacturers need to pay more attention to this critical detail.