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Are Used Cars Worth the Money?

One of the most popular questions car buyers ask is, are used cars worth the money? Well, used vehicles have advantages and disadvantages. This article sheds light on how to find a reliable used car. But just before that, here is an overview of the used cars market.

Statistics show that the used car market is growing day by day with reports suggesting that it’s an industry worth $119.3bn. That means more buyers are heading to the used car dealers and not the showrooms.

Pros and Cons of Used Cars

The main advantage of buying used cars is affordability. While a 2020 BMW M5 can cost a fortune, there are always used car dealers that will offer a fairly used 2015 BMW M5 at almost half the price of a 2020 model. It’s also a clever idea to buy a used vehicle if you are looking for special customizations. For example, a used car that Work System has already customized for van racking or van shelving will be more affordable compared to buying a new one and then having it customized later on.

On the downside, a used car probably has some wear and tear. There could be a problem with the engine or transmission. At the same time, the exterior and interior may have taken some abuse. Used cars may also be missing out on some of the latest features and some car modifications by the previous owner might not go well with you.

Buying a Used Car

While a second-hand car doesn’t guarantee reliability, that is not to say used vehicles should be dismissed. There are hundreds of trusted dealers who stock quality used cars that have no problems at all. That said, finding a trusted dealer is the most crucial step in buying used cars. The next important thing to do is to check the car’s history from the motor vehicle records.