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Whats Happening with the Used Car Industry in the UK?

While the car industry has always been a booming one in the UK in the past, new cars have always taken the lead in sales, for the most part. There seems to be a shift in the market as new sales have dipped. However, at the same time, used car sales have increased.

Change in Focus

Car dealerships have to keep a close watch on what’s happening within the market, so they know what to do with their inventory. When there is a switch in the market then it means some big decision making for these car dealers. Indicators are that at least one of the biggest dealers in Britain is going to focus more on the used car sector, compared to the new car sector.


There are always ups and downs in any industry, and trends that take place that can last from anywhere from a year to several years. When it happens in the car industry, it means some major changes, not only for the manufacturers, but the dealerships as well. It demands the need for plenty of forecasting so that the right decisions are made in order to be able to appeal to the consumer market.