UK Car Consumers

Car Sharing in the UK

It is interesting to note how the perception of car ownership has changed over the years. Not all that long ago, individuals that owned a car were very hesitant about lending it, even to family members or friends, let alone strangers. A lot has changed since then, and there are a lot of reasons why. The new modern trend it now is car sharing.

Car Sharing

Basically, car sharing is a form of someone lending out their car for a short period of time for a specific amount of money. In many cases, it’s only for an hour or two. There are some great benefits to this not only for the car owner, but the car renter.


It has become a common practice for many individuals to now leave their car at home during the day. – Even when they have to go to work. This is because they have joined carpools, where they are riding with others that are going to the same vicinity to work each day. This has created some great savings for those that do this, and it is a hassle-free way of getting to work. But at the same time, their own vehicle is sitting in their driveway doing nothing. Insurance is still being paid for it, and most likely the car payments as well.

Making Extra Money

Many have become innovative at how to make some extra money from their vehicle during this period of time. They simply do this by renting the car out to those who have a need of it for a specific event, or perhaps need to go somewhere. These are individuals that often don’t have vehicles of their own. Their reasoning for not having a vehicle is because they don’t need it, so there is no need to purchase one. So basically, it comes down to a win-win situation for both the renter as well as the vehicle owner.

This has become so popular that the growth in car sharing is taking place rapidly. There are now companies that actively specialize in setting up car sharing. They will have fleets of cars on hand throughout different locations that are available for this type of use.

Car Clubs

Car clubs take in the car sharing aspect. Individuals become a member of a specific club where they can book vehicles for a variety of different times. There are a lot of conveniences to car clubs, as members get to know what cars are available, and they can set their preference. The booking of a car is easily done through an app or phone or online.