Important Motorcycle Tyre Care Tips

For many motorcycle owners, as well as vehicle owners, tyres are not a priority when it comes to maintenance. Well, the truth of the matter is that they are crucial just like the engine, sprocket, and gearbox. But in most cases, it’s not that the owners don’t want to keep their tyres in check, the know-how is what’s lacking.

In this article, we want to look at simple practices that will help you maintain your motorcycle tyres, making them last longer.

This is the most fundamental aspect of tyre maintenance and motorcycles are no exception. Tyres are designed to work efficiently at different inflations so make sure you are riding on the recommended pressure. Every day before going out, check the tyre inflation and in case you note a problem, either less or excess pressure, make sure to have it checked. You can do this at your gas station or home if you have a pressure gauge.

It is imperative to note that during cold weather, tyres often deflate while in hot weather, they expand. In both scenarios, they need inflation and deflation respectively because riding on the wrong tyre pressure does not only wear your tyres, it’s also dangerous to your safety.

Treads are what gives tyres the traction needed to keep the bike stable and most importantly, for handling. Even though it may sound economical to ride on worn out threads, it is dangerous and puts the bike at risk. Always make sure to check the treads, and in case they are worn out, then it’s time to buy replacement tyres to keep riding the bike. Also remember, it is illegal to ride on worn out treads in many countries.

But then, it’s not just about checking the treads for wear. You need to ascertain if the wear is uniform on both sides of the tyre. A motorcycle in good condition should wear the tyre evenly. In case you notice uneven wear, it means there is something that’s wrong with your suspension system so have it checked to prevent further damage and losses.

Motorcycle tyres come in different sizes and should be replaced with the correct tyre size. Failure to do so may make the tyre wear fast. Typically, tyres will have their size inscribed on their side. So, make sure you confirm the correct size when buying motorcycle tyres: to replace the worn out ones.

But in as much as size matters, the authenticity of the tyre matters. Right now, the market is flooded with a lot of imitations and cheap knockoffs. While many of these tyres have poor durability, they are a waste of money and would eventually take a toll on your brake pads and other parts because of their inefficiency.

These are three crucial tyre maintenance tips that every motorcyclist should adhere to. Make sure to subscribe to them strictly to extend the life of your tyres. Besides that, it helps to keep you safe when riding.