Most Popular British Car Colors

Once all of the important aspects of a vehicle are paid attention to during a car purchase, attention will be paid to the colour of the car. Many often assume that the color red has been the long-beloved colour, and still remains so. However, in Britain, this is not the case, as the favorite color sales recently have been black which has replaced the past favorite of white.

The Colour White

White has for a long time been the favorite colour in British car manufacturing, because it was the one that was in demand the most. This goes back all the way to 2012, when white has held the record for this. However, this has now taken a turn.

The Colour Black

In 2017, it was noted that over half a million black cars were registered.

Past Colours

Red has always been a favorite, even though it may not be at the top of the list any longer. However, other colors that were also considered to be popular were pink and mauve.

The change of colour popularity may depend on the region, but it will still always come down to personal preference.