Self Driving Cars – The Future?


Technological innovation over the last decade is responsible for some of the most amazing creations that have been developed across various industries throughout human history. The motor vehicle industry has always been at the forefront in the pioneering of innovative technology, and they are at it once again. Car developers such as Toyota, Nissan, Tesla, Daimler and Audi are working hard to develop self driving cars for the future. Self driving cars, or autonomous vehicles, will do away with the need for human drivers and use artificial intelligence to operate them. Some of the prototypes of these autonomous cars are currently undergoing road testing and could be available in the market by 2020.

Self Driving Cars And Security

One of the main reasons for the development of autonomous vehicles is to reduce the magnitude of road carnage. A lot of the accidents experienced on our roads today are largely attributed to human error. Autonomous cars are programmed for precision and safe driving. They have four key components to ensure this; Intelligent Control, Sensor Fusion, Path Planners and Computer Vision. These futuristic vehicles are a driving shoe with a difference! Human errors cannot influence their advanced AI systems, and for this reason, industry experts attest to a safer driving experience on the roads in the future, with very few or no accidents.

Self Driving Car Market Is Growing Day By Day

Companies such as Uber and Google are currently ahead in the autonomous motor industry, having unleashed commercial versions of their futuristic cars into the market. This has paved the way for veteran automobile giants, such as BMW and Volkswagen, to unveil their concept cars at the world’s biggest tech show recently. The growth of the self driving car market is inevitable, and countries such as the UK are gearing up for it by trying to establish a legal framework to manage the process.